First successful meeting of the EDIH Northern Alliance in Hamburg

On September 21, 2023, the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) of the Northern Alliance met at the Digital Hub Logistics in the Hafencity in Hamburg for a joint exchange. 

The Northern Alliance formed by the EDIH Hamburg,  EDIH Schleswig-Holstein and the Digital Innovation Hub for Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity (DAISEC) based in Hannover started the day with a warm welcome at the Digital Hub Logistics. EDIH experts from different fields gathered to share their experiences and knowledge. 

The following round of introductions provided a great opportunity to get to know the diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise of those present. This also identified initial commonalities and areas of interest. Subsequently, topics were presented that were to be deepened in small groups. These included participant acquisition, event planning and execution, showrooms and demonstrators, and the important topic of cybersecurity.

In three rooms of the Co-Working Space of the Digital Hub Logistics, the participants then came together in break-out sessions for intensive discussions on the respective topics. In the process, valuable insights and approaches to solutions were developed that will provide concrete added value for future collaboration.

After the lunch break, the EDIHs met again to present the results from the small groups. This exchange was highly relevant for all present, as it lays the foundation for the further procedure of the EDIH Northern Alliance.

Furthermore, it was discussed how individual collaboration on previously identified topics can be designed. This includes, for example, the exchange of demonstrators as well as the organization of joint events.

In the future, the EDIH Northern Alliance wants to meet regularly for these exchange rounds, online or as a guest in one of the other centers, because the intensive discussion of different topics or also common problem areas and the constructive exchange contributes significantly for all participants to strengthen the cooperation between the hubs and to bring future projects on the right course.

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